Regarding The Background Error

Good day!

I’ve been coding from one of my episode chapters. I have some of my backgrounds not yet approved by Episode and yet you can use it as long as it’s still unpublish while waiting for the approval.

I can’t seem to proceed with my coding since the Error section says that they don’t recognize the bacground that I uploaded which is still in approval. Instead it says it doesn’t exist for some reason I don’t know.

Here’s the background that is still in the review

I tried to refresh the cataglog and the script but everytime I add an additional code. that warning pops up and I can’t proceed anymore.

See these examples:

This is without the contimuation in inserting another scene.

This is when I added an additional scene. Can please someone help me understand where’s the problem? Do I have to wait for the pending background here to be approved before I can continue my coding even though the story is not yet published?

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I have to say love to backgrounds did you make them ?

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I already did but still it the error stil persist… Does this mean I have to wait for the approval of the background to proceed in my coding? T__T

The ones with red marks are from me. I got the backgrounds from freepik and cover ver 3 is my drawing. XD The rest that without red marks are from respected episode resources here in the forums. Joseph Evans for the Shop_Day, University with blurs and Briar for the car seats.

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I already seen the error! Thanks for FlowerFluff for pointing the problem. T_T

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The same thinggg…but I had the background approved but it gave me the "does not exist " error so I deleted it & made it again but nothing :sob::sob::broken_heart::broken_heart: I’m dying 2 days this way

So if you get the “background doesn’t exist” error but you checked and it does exist and the spelling is correct, then the error is on the line under the background name.


Yeah I just got it fixed :sob::purple_heart:

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