Regency goals II RP II SIGN UPS


Regency goals

The point is to get the estate of the Beausant family … Every parent is played by me and also everybody in the Beausant family is me (parents don’t do much tho)
Rules :

1.Keep modern talk and fraises to a minimum and try to sound smart and Victorian.
2.Face claims mustn’t look too moder , with too much makeup or short hair (only for girl characters)
3.If you’re gonna swear use old swears (like “Puppycocks” or calling somebody “Insufferable man/woman”)
4.No moder outfits (Just regency wear)
5.No mary sue’s or controlling others characters
6.Don’t change your parent’s in the bio since more people are in the same family and each person might say different things about their parents and a mess will be made .

The Weatherby - Elliot and Gianna - Eliott has a drinking problem since he is worried about the future of his daughters . Gianna is angry with Elliot and takes it upon herself to try and marry her daughters so they can save their estate after Elliot’s death .

Belmonte - Percy - Percy is devasted by his wife’s death , but he is still happy with his life because he has lovely children (or a child , depends on how many people sign up for thsi family)

Sheridan - Bouldrick and Brigitte - are happy with their life and good parents to their only child but now that their child is gettign older they want him/her to marry and start a family .

Hennicker - Holden and Norma - are not the best parents , they rich snobs and they want their son to get even richer by somehow getting the Beausant riches .

Danford - Marry Sue and Broderick - they are good parents but since they have so many children they don’t love them all the same …

Egerton - Officer Tanner and Marry - they have ??? kids but the father only loves the males since he wants them to fight for the estate , but if one of the daughters marries somebody from the Beausant family she will proove her father wrong .

Haye - Lancelot and Sylvie - they were good parents , utnil the day they met a rich girl from the Beausnt family and thought to push their sons into marrying the girl . Which was pretty early on in their lives .

You can no longer take any of those families (i will make some bio changes considering the number of children and I might change the names I don’t like (talking bout the parents) cuz i chose them thinking nobody will chose names like these)

FACECLAIMS (Finished - eccept my characters maybe)

Sheridan- 0 spots left
Hennicker - 0 spots left
Weatherby - 2 spots left
Belmonte - 3 spots left
Danford - 7 positions left
Egerton - ???
Haye - ???


this doesn’t really explain the storyline of the roleplay?


I explained before that the pont is to get the estate of the Beausant family


you need to explain it on the sign up thread too?


I’ll edit I forgot not everybody read that post lol


this is my forst RP ever and I’m excited … Does it sound good to you ?


okay i’ll sign up for Sheridan
note: surely you don’t really need a bio if you already have their parents planned


yes but you could write your point of the view of the family


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Ill sign a son up for Hennicker


Am I able to sign up a girl as well?


sure , we want the ratio of girls and boys to be equal


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Sorry Mad, I’m not interested in this roleplay :frowning:


How many spots are left on each family?


it says on the sign up forum , but the ones mentioned means somebody took one or two spots


np , not everyone like Regency :slight_smile:


So only Hennicker and Weatherby???


Hennicker and Weatherby are one spot short because somebody either took them or called dibs on them


This makes no sense!