Regency goals II RP official roleplay II


Summer is coming soon and the Beausant family is coming to Harrowgate (a real place in Yorkshire) from Oxford. They were there for a few years since both Laurent and Suzanne were schooled there . They came back to Yorkshire for the summer .

The day starts with everybody waking up in the morning (and Beausants coming to their estate that mid-day)



Shall we begin ?

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I wake up with the sun entering my window and smile. Dang that was a great book I was reading last night.
ORP: I think we’re able to start. Right?


ORP : yeah


I wake up in the morning inside my big carriage . I yawn out of boredom . Everybody in the carriage probably thinks I’m still tired … that is everybody who has woken up by now . I decide to gaze out the windowd since there is nothing else to do .


I am dreaming a dream i will forget the second I wake up .


I wake up and see my sister gazing out the window , noticing her yawning . If she was tired she would get back to sleep , so I guess she is probably bored . I greet her and start a cnversation with her about the weather and the view outside .


ORP: are they all on their way to the family?


ORP : The parents are in a different carriage … nobody from the family is in town now .


Sorry I’m just confused on what our characters should be doing :joy:


ORP: yeah sure.


Dupe Hayes, being the guy he was, stayed up all night, like he did for most nights. His dad poked his head into the room to wake him up, but rolled his eyes when he realized that Dupe was already up, and HAD been up for presumably several hours. This was supposed to be the routine, but this time it meant something- and that was the fact that there were supposed to be visitors today.
The Beausants were a prestigious family, and what Dupe’s dad would give for his son to marry into that family was more than what was morally okay.

“Come on. Get out of bed.” Mr. Hayes ordered, and Dupe wordlessly sprung out. “Get ready for the visitors.” said Mr. Hayes as he followed Dupe into the bathroom. Dupe closed the door, brushed his teeth for 30 seconds, and let the tap run for a few more so that his dad thought he had gotten ready. When he walked back outside, Mr. Hayes was waiting right by the door. “I’m not joking, Dupe. The Beausants are a very picky family.”
Dupe walked back inside the bathroom and started to actually brush his teeth. He didn’t understand what was so cool about this Beausant girl. He didn’t even bode well with picky ladies!


ORP : Running water in Regency england ? Are you sure about that?


Waking up and either having a normal day then later on realising Beausants came back , or just waking up and your parents telling you the good news of the super rich family visitng this town .


I’d been up for a while now. I was just laying on my stomach on my window seat, reading my book in the morning sunlight. The only way I could stop myself from laughing too loudly (as not to wake my family), was to continue kicking my feet up.

Fluttering my eyes to help my eyelashes detach from one another, as I wait for my eyesight to become clear. I sit up to take in my surroundings. After noticing the shabby-looking bed, and the old, splintered interior (not to mention my lack of bedroom attire), I realise I didn’t make it home last night. I get up and scramble for my clothes. Fortunately, I’ve been to this particular establishment before, so I know how to get myself home.



As we get closer I see the old manor we used to live in . I smile looking finndly on my memries of my brtoher and me as children as he was falling back to sleep .


I look fondly at the manor but I get a little sleepy since I haven’t slept mcuh last night . I was never able to sleep in a carriage full of people as well as a bed .


The carriage suddenly stopping firghtened me . I take a breath as I wake up thinking something has happened. I look aorund me and she my siblings holding in their laughter . They will probably gossip about me later on when I won’t be around . Well I better get up and go back to sleep . I need my beauty sleep , my parents always tell me that .


Aiden Hennicker:
I couldn’t help but smile at the fresh sea breeze on my face as I hopped off the ship. “Good sailing boys!” I shouted back. I began walking to the shop when Fredrick, my personal servant, stopped me suddenly. “Fredrickson, what brings you to the docks?” I said as I laughed and slapped him on the shoulder. He stumbled but then regained his composure. “Just Fredrick sir.” I shrugged and began walking away. “Sir! Your parents request you return home at once!” I pushed past people and sighed. “Yes, yes, I’ll be back soon -”
Now.” I stopped in my tracks when I heard my father’s voice. I took in a deep breath and shook my head as I turned around. “Father. I didn’t expect you to be away from the estate.”
“Your little shinannigans will cease this moment Aiden. I ask that you step inside the carriage or I shall have someone escort you.” Two servants appeared behind him and I rolled my eyes. I could easily break away from them but I didn’t want to cause a scene. “Very well then. But why the rush?” I asked as we got inside the carriage.
“The beausants have returned.”

I stepped out of my room and smelt breakfast already being prepared by our servants, only a few of them that we could afford. Because father had spent it all on alcohol. I kissed my mother cheek and sat down. I looked around the table. “It’s quite…empty.”
“Your father wasn’t feeling well this morning.” She said quitely. Then she quickly perked up. “My dear! Have you heard the new?” I chewed into my food. “What news?”
“The Beausants are here!”


I finally decide to get out of bed and sit at my vanity and I looked into the mirror. ”I wish father would let me write more books but I just can’t.”



When I got to my room with the staff bringing my luggage behind me I sighed because going back here felt awkward and it felt like a stranger’s home
I took my new dress from my luggage and put it on straight away . I decide to take a walk because this was all rather exciting .

(ORP= She is taking a walk now , anybody could approach her if they want to)


I walk to my bedroom and I decide to go to sleep again . I jump onto the bed and fall asleep in my everday clothes .


I walk elegantly to my bedroom and pick a few dresses for the ball that will make heads turn on the next ball my family will organize . I take a book and start reading .


I had left the squalid, one-room living quarters rather swiftly, fortunately without running into the lady with whom I’d shared the bed. Now, I was making my way home. Trudging along the street, trying to allocate my shirt buttons to match them with the right buttonholes, which was a rather difficult manoeuvre without tripping over.


I go to my closet and change into my dress. I walk downstairs and outside.
ORP: Approachable


I snuck outside, laughing to myself at how easily I had done it without catching anyone’s attention. Running a hand through my hair, I walk back to the town, winking and smiling at girls who would stare. “Aiden! I thought you were at home!” I turned around and began walking backwards, speaking to Richie, a frequent drinking companion. “Ah, but is it not too lovely to be stuck inside all day?” I turned around and clashed straight into a woman. I grabbed her waist so she wouldn’t fall then looked down at her. “I do apologise madame. I should have been watching.” I shot her a smile.

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I look up and see a man I don’t know . I stand up and say “Thank you very much indeed . I’m a bit clumbsy , please do forgive me . I wasn’t looking where I was going .” I smile at the handsom man standing infront of me and I think to myself he might have run into me on purpose , knowing I’m the weaker daughter . I was absent-minded while thinking so , and my face showed it aswell .


“Madame please, you should not be the one apologizing.” I gave a slight bow and smiled. “May I have the fair lady’s name?”


ORP: oop, yeah. forgot about that :x