Regret of how the story is made

Do you ever regret how you made the story? I kinda regret mine. wheel, not the entire story. its the undercover aspect of it. I kinda fell like I am doing it bad. and honestly you could completely cut it out of the story and it would not matter at all. it is of course to late to change it because I am on chapter 6.

I just I wanna do it better but I dont know how to make the undercover part a more important part and just fell like a waste of text


I keep on cringing every time I read something of mine. It just sounds forced to me :joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah, I felt this way for awhile, but it gets better!


same, like if I go back to my story lets say in like a months time i cringe so hard and change it all


I keep thinking that my story is less of a good quality than others because I haven’t ever had the time to try out using overlays. (Therefore I don’t know how to use them.) But, boy, I’ve read your story. It’s awesome.

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LMAO same. A story I made back in 2017 has about 11k reads. I decided to re-read it to see why it got so many reads, AND I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND. Its cringe. But just remember, every author has a cringe story. Don’t beat yourself up about it.


Yup lol I feel you, I wrote a story back in 2017… and I never promote it, and within 2 months it got 500 views :stuck_out_tongue: and when I re read it, I cringe and laugh… My directing was bad back in the day… but oh well whatever lol.


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