Reign- A story of Mary Queen of Scots


I recently just finished the series by the name of Reign. If you haven’t already, you should watch the show on Netflix or other sources. If you have however watched this show, and lived the life of Mary Queen of Scots, please. Write your thoughts about the show here. I cried at the end and I have nobody to talk about the show with because no one around me has ever seen it.


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I’ve heard about that show but never watched it. What is it about?


The ending made me cry like wtf


it’s the best show ever, I loved francis


I cried too, I’m so glad that you know the show.:sob: I was really bent and watched the last 5 minutes over and over again. I was just like now why tf would they end it like that. Why.


I was never a lover of Mary but I really liked francis, it was heartbreaking


I loved her and Francis together. They were a great couple.


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