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I have some free time so I decided to do character detail banners & splashes.
-Can do covers as well
•Edited Only/can’t do custom poses•
Edited only
INK and Limelight
Character Detail Banners:
What I need from you:
• Character Details, Name(s), Clothing Details
• Background/or background idea
• Animation (pose)
• Font style/color

•If you can’t decide on a background or font style, I can choose for you.
• I cannot do custom poses
• Please don’t rush



What I need from you~
•Type (warning,social,etc)
•Text (what you specifically want it to say)
Optional: Character Details/Animation (if you want a character(s) on the splash.)
Splashes I made for my story:



Could I request two character details? :slight_smile:
Cassie (Female)
Skin ~ Tan
Brows ~ Defined Natural
Hair ~ Straight > Block
Eyes ~ Upturned Bold > Green
Face ~ Soft Heart
Nose ~ Soft Natural
Lips ~ Classic > Bordeaux or Terracotta
Pose - disappointed

Clothes -

Sawyer (Male)
Skin ~ Honey
Brows ~ Thin Arch
Hair ~ Modern Pompadour > Fawn
Eyes ~ Classic Round > Blue
Face ~ Defined Triangle
Nose ~ Button
Lips ~ Uneven > Terracotta
Pose - Idle shift weight

Clothes - image

Both backgrounds something dark/nighttime related.
Any fancy readable font <3

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I’ll get started asap❤

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So for the background, I could change it to something black and white? I wasn’t 100% sure on that. Let me know if you want anything changed.

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They look great! <3

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Do you guys mind if I use these characters for my story???

also how do you make a new topic???

never mind


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