Rejected art work

@penrayalty/ @Episode-Royalty made me this splashes and they got rejected. I’m confused. :thinking:`

Their background probably has a hidden watermark and they used it without the owner’s permission. It’s all on them, sweets. I recommend talking to them about it for their sake.

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Yep, @phlegmatic is right. I see a watermark in the bottom-right hand corner.

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Now, I would really recommend not asking for more splashes from them, as they don’t know how to tell if there is a watermark. XD

I believe it’s their watermark. THats why I was confused :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well can you read it and tell us what it says??

No. It’s blurry in the pics I took but I will go see…

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Alright, take your time, girly!

It says @penroyalty and that is who made it for me

Okay, I think you should talk to @Ryan , @Jeremy about this, or submit a ticket here, explaining your problem.


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Hi! If you haven’t already you can submit a ticket here and our support team will help you figure this out :slight_smile:

I did that. Thank you!

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Great! Closing this thread then :slight_smile:

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