Rejection animation help (PLEASE)!


I try to make a rejection animation, but something it’s not right.

@JESSICA spot 0.920 52 169 and JESSICA faces right
&BEN spot 0.940 141 169 and BEN faces left

@BEN walks to spot 0.940 90 156 in 2
@BEN faces right and BEN is idle_rear
&BEN is kiss_passionate_rear

@JESSICA is talk_neutral_deny and BEN walks to spot 0.940 130 156 in 1 and BEN faces right and BEN is idle_rear
@BEN faces right and BEN is idle_rear

I love you!

After he is rejected, he faces right and then is back on idle_rear at her…:cold_sweat:
What I made wrong?

How can I make him stay glued with his face on her?:upside_down_face:

Thanks a lot!


Maybe not put many at the same time cuz it confuses it


What exactly do u want ur character to do?


After he is rejected to talk with her without turning back to her.:persevere:


Try putting like:

@CHARCTER faces right AND CHARACTER starts idle_rear


Did u capitalize the word AND?


I tried now. It’s the same like before.


Rear always faces the opposite way their turning when doing regular actions, you don’t need the face right.


He walks to left and he faces left when he stop.
The rear animations are always opposite from what I know… left to right and right to left.


Maybe don’t put faces right or left cuz it could confuse it



@BEN is kiss_passionate_rear
@pause for a beat
@JESSICA starts talk_neutral_deny AND BEN walks to spot 0.940 130 156 in 1 AND BEN does it while idle_rear AND BEN faces right THEN BEN is idle_rear AND BEN faces right


:sweat: Doesn’t work.

I think I will quit to rear option, before I go crazy.


Did you change everything? like I posted?


I changed exactly like you, but my Ben is very stubborn.


I just checked and it works for me :thinking:


I try again.


IT WORKS…THANKS A LOT @Apes !!!:heart_eyes::hugs::kissing_heart:
1st time I had & and not @ on Ben kissing animation.

You saved me!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: