Release more for us!

Perhaps it is an idea that Episode would release more backgrounds, overlays and clothing for us writers.
It is maybe much to ask but during writing I often have the problem that I can’t find the right background for example.
At this moment I really need a good classroom with good overlays.
I saw one in Episode their stories but they haven’t released it yet, let alone that they will release it ever.
I know that we can upload our own backgrounds, but I think the backgrounds and overlays of episode are better looking.
And about the clothing, I hope that more variations will come soon. (Like I really need tattoos for men, not for women haha!)
Episode just released more character settings like hairstyles, which I really appreciate.
But give us more.
Let us have dyed hair for example, or birthmarks.
I think I made my point with this message.
I enjoy Episode so much, especially the writing part.
That’s why I really want them to improve themself!

Xo Eva :kiss:


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Oh sorry, I didn’t know! :slight_smile:


I support this :heartbeat:

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