Releasing story


Is it better to release chapters one by one or all at the same time


You should release three chapters to start your story off. Then, most people, release one episode at a time from then on. :slight_smile:


I usually release 5 or 6 to start off with (unless it’s a contest entry). I try and avoid releasing the minimum three because there are so many stories with three episodes that never go anywhere because the author gives up on them, and I don’t want people to skip my story because they think it won’t be updated like those ones. So yeah, 5 is a good amount :blush:


If you’re talking about updating your story with new episodes after publishing it, I’d suggest releasing more than one episode at a time, instead of publishing them one by one. I read in one of Episode’s guides that updating your story with three or so chapters together lets readers binge them, so that would be the preferred option. However, if you’re taking too long with a single episode, publishing them one by one isn’t a problem either.


Yes, :point_up: that too. Binging helps with your retention


Thanks all !!


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Yes thank you may close