Religion on forums

The forums are an amazing place. And solve people might have a religion!!! But I do honestly think that you should keep your religious ideas to yourself.

I have seen countless times where someone has shamed me or my community for being gay or not “normal” as they put it.

It really bothers me when people make religious threads and it really triggers me. I was born a certain way just like you were.

The forums is a great place. Honestly religion has literally ruined so many friendships of mine and honestly guys, if you’re going online to a site with more than 90k users, you should know that there will be LGBTQ+ members. That there will be Christians. That there will be Muslims. So let’s all just not mention our religion and keep it to yourself!!




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I’m so happy this has to be a thing


This is all really kind don’t get me wrong…but I’m confused? I mean I know we’re all our own people, but why should certain people not share their beliefs I mean that’s what makes a person a person too. Why can’t we all just except each other and have respect instead of being mad about someone being lgbt or someone being religious.

Like I’m a Christian and I don’t hate on anyone at all I love them all. Heck I’ll listen to someone who’s lgbt or someone who’s Muslim, heck someone who’s anything I don’t mind because why not. This is a big community why can’t we be comfortable and all come together :woman_shrugging:t5: Idk this just may be me overthinking, but like…peace and all is good still.


Yeah I agree with you sunshine!

Let the people be like tf? just ignore what “you can’t take”
evrybody can share what the hell they want, as you are doing with this thread wich is highly offensive.

dude srsly spread peace not hate.

I swear things like these make the forums a kindergarden. and as much us I know non of us are babies to act like them. or complain and make a thread for things wich are normal an peoploe have the right to do


What I am saying is that it can seriously mentally hurt people if you use your religion as an excuse for not liking who someone is


I haven’t met ANYONE who used their religion as an excuse on not to like someone :woman_shrugging:
I Agree with @Juann and @Chocolate_Mama


These things don’t make forums a kindergarten. These things are done so that we could achieve a solution which would be better for each one of us.

Artist obviously posted this because she was troubled due to all these religious things that hurt her community.

I agree that sharing your beliefs should be there, but in a limit. We can’t use religion or anything else as a basis to hurt other communities.

And she’s right – many of my friendships with people out of country were broken just because of my religion. I am really upset because of that. I really hope this problem averts down in the future…

All I am saying is to give equal respect to each other. Nothing else :yellow_heart:


Haha actually I’ve met a few. @loveyourself knows who one of them is


:raised_hands: thanks AS

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Alright, not everyone is like that. Not every person who has a religion hates people on here and uses their religion as an excuse. Don’t forward it to everyone.

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Mention not, girl! :yellow_heart:


I never said they all do. All I’m saying is please be careful about how you use your religion online


Well you practically said NOT to AT ALL.


Yassssss honey yesssss and I’m sorry about your friends I hope y’all could maybe see each other again. Also yeah couldn’t say it better myself. I mean I know other people who discriminate me because of my religion but I know what I know and I hold my head up high because yeah :joy:. I just want everyone to enjoy being them and not have to feel like they have to hide. Honestly I’ve seen barley any threads on talk of my religion. And honestly it’s hurtful when others use things to hurt people it’s cruel. Stay Gucci everyone and like ya know…appreciate that people have their thoughts and beliefs :v:t5:

Chocolate out until furthermore :chocolate_bar:


damn, thanks for da support i appreciate it!


Course girl what you said was true :grin:

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People have every right to share their religion, just like every LGBTQ+ member have the right to want to LGBTQ+