Remake a Broadway musical and movie for episode

I have a great idea for my second story on Episode I want to remake or revamp the Broadway musical and movie Gypsy in ink I have physically played the late burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee several times in USO shows over the years . I believe that this could be a Episode Hit can you tell me how I go about getting therproper documents to revise it for episode

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I believe you can’t remake a movie, a musical, a (basically copyrighted stuff) and you can only vaguely mention something, but you can’t actually make a whole episode story about it. However…
maybe Episode isn’t taking their rules seriously because I have seen remakes of books or movies on episode such as The Selection or Twilight…?
@JemU776 sorry to bother you, can you help? I believe you know the Episode guidelines better than I do.


Yes, @CinnamonToast is correct, you aren’t allowed to recreate or have the same characters as a musical, book, etcetera etcetera. But lately, episode hasn’t really been following their guidelines and policies, as they say in their policies that a story may not premote raping, anything sexual or racist, etc, yet they have stories like ‘…in my bed’ and all that.


Ok ty so much I’m gonna do a modern adaptation of Gypsy called Hello world my name is Rose what’s yours

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@CinnamonToast you’re right :wink:
P.S You’re being too modest, I am sure we both know the content guidelines equally ; ) Don’t be unsure when you answer, be confident! :smile:
You’re very smart ^^

Also to the user who created this thread, check out this: Content Guidelines

It may help you :sunglasses:

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My story on episode is an adaptation of the play 12th night by Shakespeare. The character names are the same, but the plot is different and it recently got featured on a shelf. I believe you can do plays, just not movies or tv shows or books.

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Shakespeare is in the public domain and many modern works are adaptations of his plays. Adaptations of works written in 1923 and after 1923 are still subject to copyright.