Rembering outfit choice helppp (solved)

Ok so…im doing an arrow dressing game With 3 outfits but when my MC gets to school and put’s her backpack in her locker i want her to change into the outfit she picked but with no backpack on… i hope that made sense Please Help


Use gains, I’m sure there is a thread that will show you how, or you can pm me

I can pm you lol i tried gain but for some reason it keeps changing into the outfit i didn’t pick for her…
i’m probably doing it wrong

Hi! I know Maeve has already contributed something, but another way is to use the point system, and allocate different points to different outfits, if it’s easier for you. Also, Happy Birthday @Maeverie.Rivera!


Oh i’m sorry where can i find i’m really confused right nw

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Here’s a link that explains it better:

Or try this thread :-

have you used this template?

if so you have already used points to remember the outtfit choice

and you can use te same point system for the outfitts without the backpakc

So creare the 3 outfits without the backpack first and then at the place she shoud change to it just use if/elif/else with the same point system you used in the template:

if (CHARACTER =1) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit1_no_backpack
} elif (CHARACTER =2) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit2_no_backpack
} else {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit3_no_backpack

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iTś ok @Dara.Amarie helped me tyyy

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