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I have a question about the outfits. When I preview my own story, it shows the characters with their default outfits, not the ones I’ve changed them into in the middle of a chapter. As for the character, whom the reader plays as, I did one dressing game without the if, elifs, will the reader see the outfit they chose in the next chapters even if I can’t see it? And why does the side characters to whom I changed the outfit for, still be shown to me as their default outfits?

I did like this: @CHAR changes into outfit_name but It doesn’t show it when I change to next episode.

Thanks a lot!!

Did you preview your story on the episode app or on the interactive page? Previewing your story in the app will show you that the outfit you’ve changed into is still on. On the other hand, the previewer on the website doesn’t show those details and will make everything go back to default. That doesn’t happen with outfits only. If you customize your character, save and exit the website, your character will change to their original self.


Hey! Yes, I’ve only previewed it on the website, where it’s default. When checking from the app, it does show the outfits when I play it from the beginning. If I skip to chapter 2 it won’t show them, but I think that’s fine since the readers won’t skip it like that. Thank you so much!

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