Remember typed in Name (after skipping episode)


In episode 4, I gave my readers the option to give my male MC a fake name (Name template). I always make changes in my scripts after I got feedback from readers (small things like grammar). That’s why in my game menu, I have the option “SKIP.”

The thing was when I released episode 5, most readers skipped episode 4 (why would you reread?), But now instead of calling the male mc by his fake name, he just gets called [NAME].

Do I need to add the name template in every single episode?

You can add the name template after the skip option, so that if a reader skips it they have to name the character anyway
And for the readers that already are on chapter 5 - you can add a gain in chapter 4 when the reader choose the name, and at the beginning of chapter 5 use an if/else choice, so that if the reader has the gain it means that they have chosen the name and don’t have to type it in again, but if they don’t have the gain that means that they didn’t type in the name so they have to do then
It wouldn’t work for whoever has finished chapter 4 and not begun chapter 5, but I think that it would be a minority of readers

If you need a further explanation of something I said, please feel free to pm me :sweat_smile:

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Thank you! I’m going to try it.