Remembering a choice and dialogue folling

Ok…I got the concept on how to have the script remember a choice but where would I put my dialogue for the outfit that was chosen? For example if the readers picks the outfit that someone in the story doesn’t want them to wear where would I put the dialogue? please help.

You can put it anywhere in your script : )

Note that choices that are meant to be remembered will carry on across all your episodes within your story. You can put them anywhere you wish.

Also, remember when you’re testing your story out, to reset the story progress, reset flags/gains so you can test out other options on your mobile device.

Ok so they are wearing the outfit they chose in the next scene…I can put the dialogue anywhere? I want the person to be angry if they didn’t pick the dress they wanted them to wear

Yeah, you can put the dialogue anywhere as long as you put it under the if, elif, else statement for the choice that is being remembered.

Thank you so much

Solved and closed. :smiley: