Remembering CC in future episodes


Hi I am working on my first story and in my story I am allowing the readers to customize characters. How would I code that in future episodes to ensure the readers customized characters carry over?

I am using the code @CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar. Versus using a customization template.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


Customization will automatically carry over to all future chapters the reader reads, so there is nothing additional you will need to add to each chapter. However note that you will not be able to see the customization using the web previewer and possibly not in the app either.


Ok that’s good! Thanks! I was just wondering I didn’t know if there was anything extra I had to do. And yeah it doesn’t show on the web previewer, but whenever the web previewer doesn’t work I preview on my phone and it shows the customization.

Thanks again for your help!


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Oh thank you! Sorry I was so confused and I didn’t know where to put my question! Thank you for your help! Also too, how to you personally pm someone on here? I can’t figure it out.

Thanks again!


On hi @Charity1226 i’ll tell you how to dm people!

  1. When you click you profile picture in the top right of the screen there is a envelope, click it! new message.
    3.add what your talking about and the person you are talking to. away.


Thank you very much!!