Remembering choice

Hello I have a situation, I might be not the only one who was wondering about remembering choices but here’s the situation:
after the dressing game the character later in the same or next episode gets cold and someone puts a jacket on her, would preview command work? for example @character previews Embellished Long Button Up Coat Tail Jacket Cotton Navy. Or better make 3 duplicate outfits with specific jacket?

No, the preview command only works on whole outfits unfortunately. So you’d have to create a duplicate outfit for each option. :slight_smile: For the outfit game itself you’ll need to use gains and then do this:


if (outfit1) @CHAR changes into outfit1_jacket
elif (outfit2) @CHAR changes into outfit2_jacket
else @CHAR changes into outfit3_jacket

but how to make it work when there is a choice before:
dress 1
dress 2
dress 3
then someone puts a jacket on I want the character to still wear that choice but have that jacket on

ok I will give it a shot

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