Remembering choices between episodes

Hi, i’m not a beginner, nor an expert in terms of directing, i have a basic/average understanding of gains. I’m confused. Sorry about the title I couldn’t really find a good enough phrase to describe my stress

Episode 1 - my gains were
lunch_tomorrow, cover_forandrew, questioned_andrew, questionruby

I used gain questionruby in the first chapter (referring to it as ‘if’) , I was wondering if this is what is making my story a little complicated. Because technically it wasn’t between a chapter…so i shouldn’t have used if? Is there a different word I should have used in this instance?

In Episode 2, I’m remembering cover_forandrew, questioned_andrew and questionruby. The script isn’t in an error, but if the choices the player made in the last chapter were cover_forandrew AND questionruby or questioned_andrew AND questionedruby then it won’t show the scenes for both options. It will just show the scenes for one. ( I used if, else, elif)

Am I overcomplicating my script or is there a way I can fix this? Ideally, if a player picked 2 options, shouldn’t they be able to see both scenes? Is it because I already used ‘questionedruby’ in Episode 1 and am trying to use it again in episode 2?

Thanks for anyone that understands this enough to answer it. If what I’m saying isn’t possible, please let me know. :slight_smile:

What does your script look like? Btw, you can keep using flags through out your whole story across all episodes.