Remembering Choices Errors -Here's how to fix them!-

If you are getting errors with remembering choices, here are all the methods to fix them!

Make sure your choice is layed out like this:


Make sure that when it says “gain chose_choice” replace spaces with underscores!

Then when you want to remember it code this:

if (chose_choice){

Insert what happens

elif (chose_choice_2){

Insert what happens

If you are wanting to make a dressing game

make the viewers preview it on mannequins before making the choice, so it’s also easier for you! To make mannequins create a new character with white skin and all facial features off.

Now after the reader has seen all outfits on the mannequins, just let them choose the outfit they would like (Be sespific with what outfit they are picking.) Then gain it like the first step.