Remembering choices/gains?

So if you make a choice in like a customization template or dressing game and then you go back to the part of the script before you made the choice to pick again cause you didn’t like your first choice, does it remember your latest choice? Your first choice? Both? What happens if you use gains? I’m confused.

That’s not how dressing game works. Check portal’s template.

I’ll take a look.

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If you don’t use gains, will it still be remembered?


There are also many examples of dressing games in this forum as well. Browse it - help yourself with search bar.

You think it’s possible to make a character creator that works like a dressing game where it’s remembered, so other characters will notice MC’s eye color etc? Because one time I read a story where another character complimented my “green eyes”, my MC has bright blue eyes, I was annoyed.

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Yes it it. :smiley:

oh good. nobody’s getting their eye colors confused on MY watch! assuming I can code that without breaking the entire game. Do choice results carry between episodes or do I need gains for that?

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They carry to the end of the story.

If I make another choice with the same name does it override? Or can I even do that?

I think it doesn’t override

Ok, I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for putting up with my terrible questions

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