Remembering choices... I don't get it!

I’ve watched multiple videos on remembering choices. I’ve viewed script templates. I still don’t understand how this works! I understand how to actually put the coding. What I don’t understand is how to write dialog in between these, and continue this for the next chapter. I don’t understand how the story continues itself in this way. I quit writing my story because of this. I don’t want to give the choice over and over again at the beginning of the episode, but it starting to look like this is what I’m going to have to do to continue my story. Any help clarifying this would be great.

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If you use gains you don’t need to have the choice at the beginning of each episode. Just use the if/elif/else code at the beginning. Lots of practice and patience and it’ll become second nature! Lots of great stories out there don’t have choices so don’t put yourself down about it :blush:

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Thank you. I think the gains is really the only thing I understand. Is there anyway you can give me an example?

You can work with the points system like I do. It’s really easy and practice make it perfect :smiley:

Gains is easier for me :blush: I’ve written a really simple example below. Just put the if/elif/else when you want to remember a particular choice the reader made.

Choose something to eat.
gain pizza
gain pasta
“Ice cream”{
gain ice_cream

Scene here for pizza
Scene here for pasta
Scene here for ice cream

I’ll have to look at this one really closely lol. I have never tried the point system, but have seen this done! I’ll keep this in mind. Thank you :grinning:

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Hello, I never understood them either, but this thread helped me, try looking into it! They also help you if you have a problem.

I feel so dumb now! :joy: Because this literally make so much sense. Also, I’m almost 100% certain I have read your stories! (If I am thinking of the right person lol) And I love them.

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@NattySin I will look at it thank you so much !

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Hahaha it’s easy when you get the hang of it :rofl: I’ve only published one story so I doubt it is me :speak_no_evil:

Whats you story called?

Until I Met You … link is in my profile :blush:

I thought your name looked familiar. It’s on my favorites list. I had to reread, because i switched from an android device to IOS. lol


Ahh nooo :see_no_evil::weary: I’m sorry you have to re read it! But also thanks for sticking by it :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I hate how they don’t have the platform switch. It’s alright. The story’s great!

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