Remembering Choices Not Working

I have been having this problem for the past 3 days or so. I’m trying to make my episode remember a choice the reader has made, but when I put in the CORRECT SCRIPT for remembering choices it doesn’t work. It goes to where the two choices meet. Here are screenshots of my script:

Can you post more of your script here?

Assuming you have used gains. How many choices are there?

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can you show the choice. necause for this i can not even tell what you are doing right or wrong cause i cant see anything .and evry picture look the same

any way it shall look like this

choice (this_choice)
“1” {

“2” {


if (this_choice “1”) {

if (this_choice “2”) {


I believe Raven is using gains so:

“Choice1” {
gain chose_pass

if (chose_pass) {

Trying to post more screenshots. Sorry I have a slow computer just a second please

Sorry if they are hard to see. I put gain_chose_get_a_cute_makeover but I didn’t do gain on the pass choice. Is that the problem? And I only did two choices.

I don’t think you need the first underscore:
gain chose_get_a_cute_makeover

Yes you need to have a gain for chose_pass.
However, if there are no other choices, it should be an else statement and you don’t need the second gain.

I got rid of the first underscore and it gave me an error. I added the gain_pass and previewed it and it still went to where the two branches connect

That’s weird.

Try clearing your gains each time you preview.

I took out the gains and it did not work

You reset right? Not removing from your script?

I removed them from my script. What does reset mean and how do I do it?

Story Modifiers - Flags - Remove all gained flags.

In my example, I selected “Skin Tone”. I gained TestA. It is highlighted. To remove it, I have to click on it.

Check if any of yours are highlighted. And remove them. Then preview again.

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None of them are highlighted but, when I clicked on flags there was one that said
and another that said