Remembering Choices Not Working

Story Modifiers - Flags - Remove all gained flags.

In my example, I selected “Skin Tone”. I gained TestA. It is highlighted. To remove it, I have to click on it.

Check if any of yours are highlighted. And remove them. Then preview again.

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None of them are highlighted but, when I clicked on flags there was one that said
and another that said

Are those your only 2 choices?

If so, you need it to be if and then else, not elif. No elif. So it’d be

if (first choice) {

else {


Yeah, it’s only two choices. I watched Joseph Evan’s video on it and he said to do elif. I’ll try doing else. Thanks for the help! C: Should I leave the gains there?

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I tried using else instead of elif but it didn’t work it just gave me an error. (I left the gains in there btw)

} else {

I tried all of those methods and they didn’t work. :confused:

What does the choice look like and what does your if/else look like? Are they both in the same episode or are you trying to remember a choice from a previous episode?

I’m trying to remember a choice that is in the same episode, here are some pictures I took of it yesterday

What does the choice look like

This is what it looks like now when I tried the methods you linked, but it keeps giving me a script error.

You needed a parenthese between “Pass” and the bracket on line 403. But if you only have 2 options, it should only be if and else

if (APPEARANCE is “Get a Cut Makeover”) {

} else {


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Every time I do else it gives me a script error

Nothing should be next to “else”. It needs to be by itself.

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IT WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll make sure to give you a shout out in that episode :smiley:

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Can you close this thread? @Sydney_H @Jeremy

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all!