Remembering choices on episodes

Hi! I’m just having a mental breakdown cause I want my character to face the consequences of being mean or nice to a character in the first episode, then, in the second episode being mean or nice will give you different dialogues.

I used the choice naming method and the gain as well. I tested in my phone and it doesn’t work with any of these methods, it takes me directly to the scene after the consequences of being mean or nice. I don’t know what’s the problem:(

Maybe it’s because I haven’t finished the episode?


If you’re testing it on a computer that might be because it’s in two different episodes. Try it on your phone and play through it consecutively.

Can you show your choice and the if/elif/else you’re using?

These are the the choices on the first episode
And these on the second episode
2021-07-06 (1)
2021-07-06 (2)

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Yeah I did that and the problem was still there:c

You can’t bold the if and elif Gains. The readers don’t see that anyway so there’s no use in bolding it.

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You shouldn’t use text effects for the gains:

if (being_mean){

#mean branch here.

} else {

#nice branch here.


I’d also switch around the first choice:

Dialogue here.
<PREMIUM> “Option 1” {

#Branch 1 here.

} <PREMIUM> “Option 2” {

#Branch 2 here.

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Oh ok, thank you <3

Right, thank you for your help! :heart:

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No problem!