Remembering choices(Show different choice)

Please help me remember the choice, everything works, there is no mistake, only the game reproduces me the choice that I did not choose. I chose “Forgive her,” but game shows me “Don’t forgive her,” what is the problem? And I don’t understand how works “Gains” What is this? Can you please explain me?

Did you name your choice?

Also maybe try changing the else to an élif. Other than that it looks okay to me

What? I wrote something but I don’t know if it is this: if (Forgive her is “Forgive her”)

At the choice you have to put like

choice (Nameofchoice)

Maybe instead of Forgive her do Forgiveher without spaces.

Ohh, okay. I’ll try now thank you

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Nope, None of the proposed options work, it still shows a different choice. But thank you so much for trying :heartbeat:

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can you put a screenie of your whole script with the choices and the if/else

I attached a screenshot to the question

So, on the phone it shows exactly what I chose, on the computer it shows something else , what can I say it’s funny, thanks for the help a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat:

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Let me put it simply…


#Change ‘WHATEVERYOUWANTTOREMEMBER’ to anything you want… (if you want to remember a choice you put a gain inside that choice.)

then to remember it…

it is an if/elif/else code which is the exact same format as a choice code except inside of putting choice… you put if… And then the last choice you put else and any in between them you put elif…






} else {



And if you only have 2 choices that need to be remembered then you just take out the elif.

Thank you so much!:heartbeat::innocent: And Happy Birthday!!:blush:

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are they in same episode. if not it cant remeber what happen early on the computer

also if its same episode you might have not picked the choice

Thank you!:heartbeat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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