Remembering choices through episodes


Hey guys!
Any knows how to make remembering choices through episodes?
Example: story The Elevator Game
On Episode 9, I chose let Snake go with me and then on Episode 10 (final) I get trapped in the elevator just because I let Snake go with me.
How can we do that remembering choices?

Here to helpppppp ~~


You can remember choices by using gains.

Basically to remember using gains you will add gain some_choice. You can out this gain anywhere inside your choice option. I prefer putting it at the end so that it is out of the way. To recall the gain you will use an if statement to remember the choice.

For example:
CHARACTER (talk_think)
Should I go to the party on Friday?
"Excited Yes"{
CHARACTER ( talk_excited)
I am definitely going to the party.
gain excited_party #Here is the gain to remember excited yes.
} “Sure”{
CHARACTER ( talk_shrug)
Sure. I guess I’ll go.
gain sure_party #Here is the gain to remember sure.
CHARACTER (talk_arms_crossed)
No way am I going to that party.
gain no_party #Here is the gain to remember no.

To recall a few scenes or chapters later, use your if statement:

CHARACTER2 (talk_gossip)
Are you going to the party tonight?

if (excited_party) {
CHARACTER (talk_excited)
I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
}elif (sure_party){
CHARACTER (talk_shrug)
I have nothing better to do, so I thought why not.
}else{ #You can use else because else basically means anything not previously mentioned.
CHARACTER (talk_shrug)
Parties aren’t really my thing.

For 4 or more choices just add another elif to the middle.


we can use it like that??? ohhhh thanks you so muchhh


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