Remembering choices with outfits isn't working?

Yes. Sorry to be such a bother again!

I really can’t figure out what’s going wrong

Wait, I’m seeing an error in your outfit names. In the original dress up game, you have it as JCloset_1

but then in the if/elif/else you have JCCloset_1 (etc)

The outfit names should match in both the game and your if/elif/else.

They are new outfits. The reason I added the elif/else is because the if statements without it weren’t working. Lemme guess, I’m not supposed to do that? :joy:

Yeah, it’s not going to work with new outfits. It needs to be coded with your originals. That’s why it kept going to the else because the script doesn’t recognize anything else.

OK, let me try again just with if statements. Thank you again for helping me – i’ll let you know how it goes :joy: :joy:

I get your point because you want to add a cloak to it and still remember the first outfit, but if/elif/else statements won’t work in this case. Not in this way anyway.

I recommend doing labels. If you want help with that, just DM me and I can help you code it - I’m bored and watching TV right now anyway lol.

@HAZEL is dustoff_neutral_loop
@pause for .5
if (what_to_wear2 is “Outfit #1”){
@HAZEL changes into JCCloset_1
if (what_to_wear2 is “Outfit #2”){
@HAZEL changes into JCCloset_2
if (what_to_wear2 is “Outfit #3”){
@HAZEL changes into JCCloset_3
if (what_to_wear2 is “Outfit #4”){
@HAZEL changes into JCCloset_4

does this look right?

No, babes. Just DM me. :heart:

The problem is because of the format of your dressing game. You have a “goto” inside each choice option that leads to the label “JCloset_choices” which restarts the choice.

You must have a confirmation choice at the end (like this template) instead of the “All done” option if you want to remember the outfit the reader chose.

So if I fix the format of the original dressing game, the glitch should be fixed?

Thank you so much, it’s all fixed now. :grin:

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