Remembering Choices


Hey! Does anyone know how to remember choices in limelight? I have three outfits for the reader to choose from and the choice will effect how her friends react at school. I have used ‘if’ ‘elif’ and ‘else’ but for ‘else’ its telling me theres an error. Can someone help? I can send screenshots. :heart:


Send screenshots, I’ll happily help. :heart:



Else doesn’t need a label. :heart:


} else {


To remember outfits, you’ll need to code it like this::

choice (outfit)

When you want to bring up the choice later on in the episode, you’ll need to do this::

if (outfit is “Dress”){
Add dialogue here
if (outfit is “Shorts”){
Add dialogue here


Thanks! I’ll try it now! :heart:


It worked! Thanks so much guys, I’ve been so confused about remembering choices! :heart: :grinning: