Remembering outfit choices for next scene/ episode

Hello all :white_heart:

I had a question about remembering outfit choices.

For example, I want readers to pick an outfit for an event, but not wear the outfit right then and there, but for the next episode / scene when the event is taken placed.

Is there a why to do this?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have you checked out @Dara.Amarie’s website? She has a template for remembering outfits if I recall correctly.

Sorry for the tag :see_no_evil:

If I’m wrong, I apologize.


I don’t think they have a template for that, you could always add in the outfit choice right before the scene you know, it doesn’t need to follow a specific script, hope this helps <3

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There’s a few ways to do this. Check out Dara Marie’s guide. There’s a few ways in there. You can name the choice and then recall it later, or add a gain. Whichever seems easiest for you. Let me know if you need help.

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Thank you to everyone <3

I was able to do it :smiley:

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