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Towards the end of a chapter, I have given the readers a choice of three outfits to wear. The main character then goes off into another scene and then that chapter ends. For the next chapter, the story will pick off in the same scene and I want the character to be wearing the outfit choice that the reader chose in the previous chapter…

Now, I know that you can use gains to remember (I don’t know much about them so didn’t really want to use them if I don’t have to), but is it right that the character will stay in that same outfit until the reader or writer changes it, even when ending and beginning a new chapter.

I hope somebody can give me an answer :smiley:
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Thank you x

Don’t use gains to remember outfit choices - once a reader gains a flag, they cannot ungain it.

This is the best method:

Also yes, the character will stay in the outfit until you change it or they change it (from the options provided by you).

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That’s perfect, thank you so much for a super quick reply :smiley: xx

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You’re welcome love :3

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