Remembering outfits and replacing with a duplicate

I have a clothing choice between two dresses, in the next chapter I want it to look like the boy gives her a necklace to wear while wearing one of the dresses (whatever the reader chose). I made a duplicate of the outfit and added the necklace to it. how would I go about remembering the dress the readers chose beforehand and how to add the necklace to the one they are wearing? I tried using the if, elif, and else method but it isn’t making a difference.

thanks in advance for the help.

if (choice is "dress") {
GIRL (action)
I love this dress!

BOY (action)
Me too, but it would look better with this necklace!

@GIRL changes into necklacedress

 } else {
 GIRL (action)
 Love this dress.

 BOY (action)
 Same, you look good without any accessory!

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label dressing

Pick a dress.

choice (DRESS)
“Dress one”{

#you changes into the first dress goes here.

}“Dress two”{

#you changes into the second dress goes here.


Are you sure?



goto dressing


#then later on, to remember it:

if (DRESS is “Dress one”){

#script for changing into dress one with the necklace goes here


#script for changing into dress two with the necklace goes here.


You would need to create duplicate for both dresses and you will need to remember the dress choice. You can learn how to do that here: Using if/elif/else to Remember Past Choices

Then depending on which dress they chose, you would use the if/else and make them change into the duplicate with the necklace.

elif wouldn’t go by itself and if you have two options being remembered, the last one should be else.

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ooh okie thanks for the correction :+1: I just noticed my mistake lol

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@jazzysab13 @JemU776 @Dara.Amarie

Thank you guys! it worked. :relaxed:


No problem :+1: :heart:

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