Remembering past choices help

I’ve tried my best to read old posts about this but none of them helped. Remembering past choices is so confusing for me.
I’m in need of help. PM me if anyone wants to help me.

It’s actually quite simple, is there somewhere in your script that confuses you?

not my script but the whole remembering past choice confuse me. I mean, i don’t know where to write if/elif/else.

This is a good thread to refer to, but if you want it broke down step by step I could help you

I’ve read it but it’s not helping.:sob:

Alright, so basically let’s say in the Beginning of episode 2 I’ll ask my reader what their favorite color is right?

What’s your favorite color out of these choices?
choice (fav_color)
Good choice!
Good choice
Good choice!

So this is the choice my reader will make in the BEGINNING of episode 2!
Are you feeling confused?

there’s two choices in my script

  1. lets go to cafe
    “there’s cafe scene”
  2. mall
    "there’s mall scene.
    and i want these in my next chapter

But, in the END of episode 2, I want the reader to remember their favorite color while talking to someone! :thinking:
In order to do this, I add this into my script

if (fav_color is “Blue”){
CHARACTER (talk_think)
Well, my favorite color is Blue!
elif (fav_color is “Red”){
CHARACTER (talk_think)
Well, my favorite color is Red!
else {
CHARACTER (talk_think)
Well, my favorite color is Pink!

Can i send you my script ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically, I remembered the choice I made BECAUSE I NAMED THE CHOICE.
You could also use gains as well, this is just how I do it with the name your choice option

Yeah, I could code it for you!

thanks :heart:

Issue resolved! :smiley: @Sydney_H


Topic closed by OP request. :wink: