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Hi, I feel quite stupid for asking this but, if I add the costumization on the start of the 1st episode, do I need to use any commands (for remembering how readers customized themselves) on the start of the next episodes (2nd, 3rd…), or will Episode automatically remember the customization?

One more question. So I copied a template into the script, and tried to change the “femaleavatar” to my MC’s name. But why doesn’t it work?

All answers are appreciated!

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Hi the script remembers the last clothes so you do not need to put any code to start of the next chapter.

But on web you will not see it because portal is not working the same way as app - it doesn’t remembers choices from previouse chapter.

But if you will test it in app you will see it work.

You will need to remember choices only in case you give choice to change dress and then you will change them again and after you will want to dress her back to what reader has chosen first time but you would want to do it without another choice…

to make it more clear…reader choices dress, than you have scene where MC is in shower and after the shower you want her to dress back to the readers choice.

In case you would need it - here is template for it:

Why the change to femaleavatar doesnt work - um…hard to tell because I dont know what you are doing but to change it you need to 2 times push ctrl+F

you should see this in your portal:

and you simply write in the search what you want to replace
and on second line MC NAME and then push the replace all button


you’re a lifesaver, thank you a lot!

Will the script remember how readers customized their characters? :slight_smile:

yes :smiley:

Thank you.

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