Remembering tattoo choice

Hey guys,

So it’s like this I wanna have a tattoo choice, but if they pick yes that they want the tattoo how will I know and how will it be there for the remainder of the story.

Does anyone knows the coding for this?

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Because tattoos are part of outfits instead of the character, if you have three different tattoo options you will have to create each outfit three times, with the different variations. From there, I would use character points (you would need to make a character called TATTOO, or just assign it to the actual character themselves). It would look something like:

 What tattoo should CHARACTER have?

choice “Tattoo 1” {
} “Tattoo 2” {
} “Tattoo 3” {

And then every time they changed outfits, you would need to create each outfit, and if/elif/else to dictate which is the correct tattoo. So it would be like:

if (TATTOO = 1) {
@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT1
} elif (TATTOO = 2) {
@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT2
} else {
@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT3

You can use a if/elif/else :relaxed:

but how would I know if the player wants the tattoo or not?

You would ask them in the form of a choice.

Thanks :blush:


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