Remembering the Original hairstyle & Lip color

I have an issue here, and I can’t find the answer to problem on here. I would like a character to change back to their original hairstyle and lip color that the reader choose for them during the character customization. So, after I used the dressing game code, I asked my readers if they wanted to change the character’s hairstyle and lip color. How would I be able to remember what hairstyle and lip color the reader originally choose for the character? I hope what I am saying makes sense because I am terrible at explaining things.

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You can ask it after the CC which hairstyle and lip color they chose (so they have to choose it again), and add gains to all options. Although it’s a lot of coding, especially, if you also want to display the hairs and lips (because then all the options must contain a yes/no choice, too). It’s easier to add a new hairstyle and lip color template when you want the reader to change back into original.

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Or you can create a clone of the original character:
And then, when you want the MC back with their original features:


How would I do that?

Here’s an example with INK skin colors:

@EtherealWitch 's idea is way easier, I just forgot about that option. :smiley:

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Oh, I don’t need this one. My story is in LL.

How would I manually switch back to the character’s original hairstyle and lip color my readers chose for them to have? Does anybody know?

@EtherealWitch answered above

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Okay, so with that second code, @MC becomes FIRSTCHARACTER, will switch back to the original hairstyle and lip color my readers chose for them while they were customizing the character, right?

You need to first create a duplicate character. Then after the customization template, use the code: @DUPLICATE becomes MAIN CHARACTER

That code makes the duplicate look exactly like the main character.

Then later when you let readers change the main character’s hairstyle and lipstick and then want the main character to go back to the original hair and lip color the readers chose, you would need to make the main character become the duplicate character.

So use @ MAIN CHARACTER becomes DUPLICATE to make them go back to the original hair and lip.

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Okay, now I understand. Thank you so much.

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