Remembers wrong outfit in next chapter

If I choose party outfit 2 in chapter 1 and sleeping dress outfit 3 in chapter 2 then in chapter 3 it remembers party outfit 3 :slightly_smiling_face:

Should I do that choose your party outfit again before starting story just like some stories does

I want to also know how I can remember outfits in next chapter… Cuz I didn’t know… How to do it… I just make wear her sleep outfit or bathing towel in starting of chapters and I don’t think it’s right… If someone can help… That would be great

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use the preview command instead of changing command

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gain outfit name

Actually I have this dara amarie template of simple tappable dressing game… And I don’t know where to add the flags??..

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I wish I could help but I suck at this too

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You use gain.

Tou add the gain to when they pick done. One for each outfit. Or just two and do else woth last one

Can uh please explain with a code?
I m not getting what should I do

gain outfit1

if (outfit1) {


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If you do it that way, it will remember more than one outfit if they preview all of them, since you can’t undo gains! I use Dara Amaries tappable template, and then once they click done I add
if (CHAR=1){
gain chap1_1
} elif (CHAR=2){
gain chap1_2
} else {
gain chap1_3

This way it will only remember the outfit that was actually chosen vs all of the outfits they tried on!


Okay thank you :blush::smiley:

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