Reminding choices problem

So I’ve got a problem with reminding a choice from a previous chapter.
In that chapter I had three choices with the flags

  1. (first_calm_response)
  2. (first_angry_response)
  3. (first_run_away)

I watched the tutorial by Joseph Evans (I hope I spelled him right) and did as he said.
Now it looks like a choice (picture). I’m pretty confused. Is that right or have I done anything wrong?

And if flags only work in one chapter, how can I remember choices from previous chapters?

Thank you for reading.

I have refreshed the page and now the if/elif part skips.

what does the original choice look like?

Are you sure this is the lines related to the picture?

Because you have there “PICKER: decide which case to fallow”

And I do not see this text in your code - so it seem to me the code must be alswhere - do you have somewhare else this if/elif/else in this episode?

It’d be too much sending screenshots so I’m not writing the story:

Your choices matter. Choose carefully.

“calm response”{

@YUKI is deepbreath


gain first_calm_response
“angry response”{

@YUKI starts react_angry_shakefists
@pause for 1.7


gain first_angry_response
“run away”{
@YUKI faces left and YUKI walks to spot 0.986 310 128 in zone 1 and YUKI starts run_super_speed_loop


gain first_run_away


Well that is the only scene in that chapter with that background so it should be the right picture.

And no, I’ve never used if/elif/else before :grimacing:

you must have somewhere in this episode written “decide which case to follow”

look it up where it is and copy here this part

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your choice seem to be donne corect, if there is something not right than probably in the second episode.

I did not write “decide which case to follow”. Neither in that chapter nor in the first
Did I have to?
Because that’s the first story scene in that chapter. Before I wrote that scene I had a customization.

its not about if you have to - but in your screen shot - in the preview window it show this text

The portal reads it from the script…it hardly had added it to it if you do not have it written there…

Just if it got all bugged…just to make sure refresh the whole page and replay it again from first line.

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I refreshed the page and now the preview just skips the part. ;-;

do you have something written under else - some action?

Because when you use if/elif else the portal doesnt remember the last choice from previouse episode so it always jumps to the else.

But the app does remember it so no wories about it.

You can test it by using modifiers in the portal to simulate the previous choice…

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I just looked it up!
After I refreshed the page, I did not realize something changed at the modifiers.
Now it works, thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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