REMOTE LEARNING - comedy story about online school during the pandemic -

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Title : The Detective Diaries
Genre : Mystery/Romance/Drama
Style : Limelight
Link :
Description : You are sent to Greece for a mission. There you meet a hot irresistible guy. Will you be able to focus on your mission? What’s gonna happen when you discover a horrifying secret?

Episode account : O.livia
Ig handle : @olivia.stories_

Chapters 4 and 5 of Remote Learning out very soon.

Chapters 4+5 of Remote Learning are out now!

Omg episode 3 I believe, when the teacher disappears, had me dead :joy::joy:

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Thanks so much for reading!

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It’s in my favorites ima give it read for sure! And here is my story for anyone looking for a good read
Title Secrets

Author Your._.girl. _.kay

Chapters Three more coming soon!

Genre Drama/Romance

Style Limelight

Description Kaylee Smith is a goody two shoes that doesn’t trust most.What happens when she finds out most of her life was a lie and everyone she trusted was keeping secrets from her?



god i love this

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I’ll check this out😍

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Bonus episode of Remote Learning coming out soon!!! :cat_typing:


Chapter 6 of Remote Learning out now!

I honestly love it! So accurate for back to school too! One overdramatic, one friendly kid who wants to give everyone hugs and the rest dont care. Again. Love it!

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Except the cannons… Still love it its so funny!