Remove Story button deletes a story forever from app

So after the last update on Android, I lost all feature like (Fanmail, Replay, Disable Animation etc,) button and it’s replaced by “Remove Story” button.

Remove Story

Then on one story, I thought it will just remove it from my favorite but then it actually remove it from my app and I can’t read it anymore. I can only click on the story and it’ll take me to home screen :sob:

Can't read removed story


I emailed Episode and this is their response. They can’t do anything about removed story omggg I can’t read it forever!

Episode Response

I thought everyone’s going through this so I told my friends here on the forum but apparently they don’t even have the “Remove Story” button? I thought that Episode removed the Fanmail feature etc… Is it just me or people experiencing this too? Now I’m scared of accidentally clicking it.

Other User Apl


Do you have an android device? This has happened to me too. (Not that I deleted a story, I just mean that it’s my only option if I tap the three dots). I’m kind of hoping it gets fixed with the next update because it’s a little bit ridiculous for them to… like… do this? The wording in your reply has me worried though. “Working on a way to improve this process” doesn’t sound like they’re working on a way to undo it :grimacing:


Yes I’m using Android. Before the last update I can’t acces author’s profile and they said it’ll be fixed after the next update. The next update happened and I updated it and lost the options I usually get when I tapped the three dots and only got that darned “Remove Story” button. It used to be “Remove from Favorite” before the update so I thought it’s the same thing. But turns out it deletes it forever lol I’m sad.

True, I was hoping they can bring back the story to my app or something but I guess they can’t. I even ask again why do you give us the reader that kind of feature (like, it was irreversible) and they said they’re always trying their best to improve and give us the best experience. But certainly I don’t have any good experience with that “Remove Story” feature 🤦

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Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happened to me.

I hope this is what they do with the improving of the feature because I know you’re not the only one who’s permanently removed a story this way :confused:

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But it’s unfair how iPhone user still has the complete feature and the Android user only get that one feature 🤦

I’m glad I’m not the only one (well, misery is best with company) but it’s annoying that I can’t do anything to read the story I’ve deleted…


I have a similar problem, everytime i try to play a certain story, the app brings me back to the main menu. This happens only with a few of them… ( I also have android)


Omg… this is also happen to me! ANDISNAKKABDJ

So we cannot restore it? Oh no… :frowning:


Android users were left out of the conversation :frowning:
I can’t look at authors fan mail I just got the feature back to look at authors profiles
Havent tried out the remove glitch yet


Im having this exact same problem with two stories actually!! Is it still happening to you?

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Yes, I lost all fanmail option and have the remove story button. Never pressed that button. It seemed strange that suddenly everything was gone except the remove story button.


Yes… If you remove a story, it’s gone forever for you … :sob:

It is! It’s a trap, don’t ever press it… I regret it really…

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My question is simple: who was the “genius” who thought that it was a good idea to put that button there???

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This! It’s my exact question this whole time. I even emailed them asking why would they give us “only” that button and remove other buttons like fanmail, report etc? 🤦 And they said they’re always trying to give us the best experience. Sure…

But like “Oh, let’s put this button that will remove a story permanently. You’re welcome.”

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I mean, I’m dumb af and I clicked the wrong button but they really need to do better than this. Everytime we have a problem with the app (bugs, error…)is our fault. Anyway, I have to accept the fact I won’t be able to read the story I really liked. :cry:

This same scenario have occurred to me as well. Do you know how to restore the deleted story. Please help if you know about it. Thank You