Removing Overlays


Hey guys! I am trying to make a character look like she is picking up an overlay and I want it to have an effect to make it look as if she’s picking the overlay up, is there anyway I can remove an overlay? If so please comment I would dearly appreciate it! Thank you so much y’all :kissing_heart:

-Cydnie :purple_heart: :rose:


I think it’s just:

@overlay OVERLAY clear


#cough# actually its clear not remove #cough#


@HappyDaisy Hey thank you so much, can you be a little more specific. I am using the overlay titled as “ENCLOSED TOTE TERRIER WHITE GREY BLACK”
It would be very helpful if you can place an example using this specific overlay. Thank you so much for you help! :kissing_cat:

-Cydnie :purple_heart::rose:


Hahaha sorry to be a bother I worked out my script as I typed these very words:


This helped a lot thank you much! :kissing_cat::purple_heart::grin:

-Love, Cydnie :rose::purple_heart:


Happy to help.

Ps. Sorry I was slow. Trying to balance three activities at the same time :crazy_face: