🎃 Ren and Jem’s Proof-Reading Workshop (TEMP CLOSED) 🎃

Greetings everyone, we’ve decided to open up a proof reading workshop. The owners of this thread are @writerren and @JemU776 :yay:

Here you can request for your story to be proof-read (we look mainly at spelling and grammar errors though if we find major directing glitches, we’ll let you know. We’ll also let you know of our overall opinion and thoughts on your story, if it made sense and if it’s heading in a beautiful direction or needs a re-vamp). We love helping people, it’s a passion of ours. We strive to aid you so your story is the best it can be. Our services are free, we only ask that if we have helped you immensely, a thank you note would be appreciated. Much love :orange_heart: :purple_heart: :green_heart:

The IG’s of the owners:


Requesting format:

Story Name:

Author Name:


Story Description:


Story link:

Cover (optional):

How many chapters you’d like proof-read:

Why you’d like for your story to be proof-read:

Review Type: Public or Private (If not specified or mentioned, then it will be Public)




  • Format must be followed
  • Please do not use this just for reads, request from us if you know your grammar and spelling need work.
  • You cannot request for which one of us will proof-read your story. Our team makes that decision.


  1. I’m in love with a fairytale by Merlin Romance (Forums Username: @Summi)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 2-3
    Proof-read by: @writerren
    Review Type: Public :ballot_box_with_check:

  2. The stars have colors by Shahar (Forums Username: @shaharPie)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 4
    Proof-read by: @writerren
    Review Type: Public :ballot_box_with_check:


  1. Deadly game by Emma.stories (Forums Username: @secrets.epi)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 3
    Proof-read by: @JemU776
    Review Type: Public

  2. Fairy Trouble by TTrain (Forums Username: @EpisodeLover26)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 3
    Proof-read by: @JemU776
    Review Type: Public

  3. Secrets from Hell by WNVT (Forums Username: @Nessya)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 4, 5, 6
    Proof-read by: @writerren
    Review Type: Public

  4. breaking my psychos walls by Neserin.creating (Forums Username: @Nency_episode)
    Chapters to be proof-read: 3
    Proof-read by: @JemU776
    Review Type: Public

Note, at the moment, reviews are closed. Do not request, please and thank you :red_light:

Anyways, have a spooky fab day!!! :vampire: :spider_web:


Mm hiii
Maybe you could include if you would proof read unpublished stories too? Just for information.

Yes, we proof-read unpublished stories also. And we take on separate ones :yay:

“We each take individual stories to work on but if one is particularly long or has a lot of errors, we could work on it together” - quote from @writerren :blob_hearts:

Proof-reading reviews will be posted publicly on this thread but if you like a private one on one proof-reading session on the Forums, it can be done over PM :blob_turtle:

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:yellow_heart: I JUST had to share these helpful tips:

These tips will help improve your story (credits to @/kennedychase) :blue_heart:

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I could sure use honest proof-reading. My story is not published jet and it’s 6 chapters long. Most impotantly i just need opinnions for 1-2 chapters but you might as well read all 6 chapters if you really want to. I really need to know if my story is even readable or interesting/engaging. Story might still have some spelling erroros or a few bubble speech mistakes that i’m working on but in general it’s error free. (I think! If not you’re welcome to notice me. I also have to say that english is not my first language so feel free to guide my spelling if you find anything weird.)

Story genre: Romance
Story name: I’m in love with a fairytale.
Story style: Limelight
Story description: A poor small village girl Stella escapes to the big city where she meets her huge celebrity crush. Her life will never be the same again but can she handle the life the big city has to offer.
Everything takes place in Europe.
Password: HalloweenMonsterEatsVeggies


You would like your story proof-read because of this reason, right? Would you like private or public review? And you’d like either 1-2 chapters proof-read or all 6, correct? :blob_hearts:

@writerren do you want to take on this mission or should I? :blob_hearts:


Not exactly. I would like the proof reading to get some feedback on my story progress. Overall language usage, is the story interesting/engaging/easy to follow. Maybe there is something i should change, maybe my language usage is poor (english is not my first language.) or maybe there are some technical errors i’ve missed. I will not publish my story until i have at least 10 chapters but yes first and even second chapters are the most important ones cause readers will decide weather they continue to read or not so i really need some feedback about 1-2 chapters.

I’m free to take it if you want me to :blush:


Our proof-reading shop mainly looks at spelling and grammar but we could also tell you what we think of the flow of the story, I believe so I think it’s fine :sweat_smile: :blob_hearts:

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I don’t mind :slight_smile:
But one more question. What does public review mean? :smiley: i’m kind of new in Episode world.

We post your review on this thread (anyone who comes across this thread can see it). You can request for a private one where you get PM’d by a member who will go over your story (only you and they will see).

Oh ok, What ever is easier for you. :slight_smile:

Overall language usage is my main concern. :frowning:

All right @writerren will post your review on this thread and let you know her thoughts. @writerren how many chapters would you like to proof-read?


Hey, thank you for offering your help! Could you proofread my story?

Story Name: Deadly game

Author Name: Emma.stories

Genre: mystery

Story Description: Your life takes a dark turn when you get chosen by a killer to play his deadly game. Will you be able to resolve the case, Detective? One thing is certain: chaos is closing in.

Style: limelight

Story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5124809218064384

Cover :

How many chapters you’d like proof-read: 3

Why you’d like for your story to be proof-read: English isn’t my first language, so there is probably a few mistakes here and there that I didn’t notice, so I’d appreciate your help with that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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I could proofread 2-3 episodes if that’s alright!

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I’ll take on your story, proof-read 3 and post it on this thread, thank you for requesting :blob_hearts:


Yes, I’m all fine with that.

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Alright, I’ll get to it right away! It should be completed within a few days :blush:

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Thank you!

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