Ren’s Character Mood Board Shop (CLOSED) :blob_sun:

Hey, everyone. I’m back from my forums break and I’ve decided to open a little “art” shop. I recently made some character mood boards/muses for my upcoming story, Magicka: The Rarity, and had a lot of fun doing it. So, I’ve decided to open this shop solely for you to request character mood boards.


  1. You can only request 2 mood boards at a time so that others can have a chance to request as well.
  2. You must credit me whenever the mood board is in use. This can be done by mentioning either my forums username (writerren) or my Instagram username ( If you do not credit me for anything I make, you will be blocked from requesting again.
  3. Please, do not thread hop!
  4. Please actually use the mood boards you request so that my time does not go to waste.
  5. Please fill out the forms completely so that I can complete your request to the best of my ability.
  6. Please do not rush me. I have a life outside of Episode so it could take a little while for my to fill requests at times. Rushing me will only make me nervous which will negatively impact the work I do.
  7. Please use the password, spring, in your requests to acknowledge that you have read the rules.


Please fill out:

  1. How many mood boards you want.
  2. What style your story is in.
  3. Your characters’ name(s).
  4. A photo of your character(s).
  5. What color/theme you want.
  6. Either upload 4-6 photos you would like on the mood board OR tell me what kinds of things you like me to find photos of for the board (i.e. a celebrity muse, recurring themes, etc).
  7. Password:

Here are my examples so you can get a better idea of what I mean/what they look like…


I’ll only take requests from 3 people at a time so I don’t get too stressed out!

  1. @jazzy12 [COMPLETED]
  2. @TamiRose
  3. @Episode.Christi

I hope you all will request something! Thanks for reading this thread! Also, if anyone would like to join this shop, just let me know! :blob_hearts:

I would like two mood boards.
My story style is kinda romantic but dark at the same time.
My characters names are Amora and Ace.

Mood board one (Ace);
A color theme I would like is black and white.A recurring theme I want is a angel like theme.

Mood board two (Amora)
A color I want is red. A recurring theme I want is a devil theme.

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Got it! Do you have any celebrity muses for them that you want included or do you just want photos relating to the devil and angel themes?

ooooo this is fun and so awesome of you to do. May I request two please? :relieved: Overall just have fun and enjoy making them. :wink: (I think I got all of that. :sweat_smile:)

This is Neoni and Sam: hmmm let’s see, they’re business savvy and career driven women who are confident. Colors could be like white, soft pastels, or muted tones I guess. Surprise me :smile:

And this is Apryl, Sierra and Kelsey:

Let’s see :thinking: theme is like summer-ish, fun, playful, teasing, haha if that makes sense? And colors could be like orange or soft pinks/purples kind of like the sky, beach style?

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Got it! I’ll add you to the waitlist! :blush:

Heyyyyyy thank you, Ren :grin:

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No problem!! :yay:

Hey hey! I’m interested in seeing how a mood board would look like for my two current characters!

  1. How many mood boards you want: 2
  2. What style your story is in: Ink!
  3. Your characters’ name(s) Sage & Xavier
  4. A photo of your character(s)



  1. What color/theme you want.
    For Sage, an eerie blue like his character sheet, with a cosmic and rainy theme. In the story Sage is treated as royalty and is often compared as a modern-day prince, but on the inside he’s really just a shy and reserved person.
    For Xavier, possibly red, and a roses & literature theme? I’ll be honest, Xavier is kinda angsty (but not like a sexual theme-). He’s a bit aggressive and cold when it comes to meeting people, due to past experiences, which makes him hard to befriend. However, he loves literature, and grows protective and caring to those close to him.

The rain, cosmic, and roses themes are symbolisms of the story!

So, yep. Those are my two children-

  1. Either upload 4-6 photos you would like on the mood board OR tell me what kinds of things you like me to find photos of for the board (i.e. a celebrity muse, recurring themes, etc).

Umm, I don’t have any, sorry! (I can find some more ideas and stuff though!)

  1. Password: spring
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I have these examples if they help

For Amora:

For Ace:

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That’s okay! I think I have enough info to make them! I’ll add you to the waitlist! :blush:

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Thanks! I’ll get those mood boards done soon :blush:

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Your request has been completed. Here are your mood boards. I hope you like them!


Name -

No name -


Name -

No name -

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I love them!! Tysm!

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No problem!

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Hey, here are your mood boards! I hope you like them! :yay:

Sam and Neoni

Kelsey, Apryl, and Sierra

Credit to: @writerren on the forums or on Instagram.

I love it :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks so much for doing this girl. :star_struck:

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You’re welcome! So glad you like them!

Is this shop still open ?