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Offical Sign up thread for Renaissance RP.

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A roleplay about the Renaissance/Medieval lifetime. You are allowed to speak modernly but it is recommended that you speak old-fashioned. You play as whoever you create and live life throughout your Renaissance life.


@PurpleRose @Purple_Ghost

Would any of you be intersted in joining my Role-Play!


@jdepisode @L.M.Taylia

Interested in my Roleplay?


Wheres the description?


@RudeInception @MysteriousAcro

Interested, want to join?


What’s this about?


The Renaissance Era. Please join, I’m new and want to make friends by doing ROLEPLAYS


Omg! @L.m.Taylia thank you so fucking much for signing up. It means alot.


Uhm… I never signed up for your roleplay.


Um. Yes, Yes you did I have proof.


Honey, If I did sign up for your roleplay why would I write things like that?



@jdepisode @LiaMina

She’s lying wright! SHE SO WRITES LIKE THAT!


No thanks.


You do realize you just called people idiots, right? Not very nice. Goodbye now…


@LondonRP first of all, I’d like to say your behavior is COMPLETELY inappropriate right now. We do not tolerate rudeness in this section. If they say they did not submit it, they probably did not submit it, and there’s a chance that it was a troll or something.

Second of all, I’d like to formally welcome you to this section. I suggest you start here by checking out some of the RP Guides featured in this post, or our New Ideas Thread where you can post ideas to ensure interest before creating a signup thread.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or any other RPer!


What is going on here? I’m sorry, but what you are posting is extremely rude. Stop calling people idiots for not defending you. If you want people to sign up for your roleplay, tag them and ask politely instead of cursing at them when they refuse or ask questions. I understand that you are new but like @Lady-Mehek said, we don’t tolerate rudeness in this section.


Trust me. @L.M.Taylia has much more class than this inconceivable nonsense. Humph

  1. You need more information then just “Renaissance” RP
  2. You’re 100% trolling at this point.
  3. Don’t insult people. No one is at fault here for your social issues.
  4. I’m flagging you because this post and your comments are not what this community represents.


@jdepisode, I have one question. Since when do you own me?

“My @L.M.Taylia has much more class”