**REOPENED!** Constructive Cover Criticism Thread 2.0 🎨✌️

Hey guys,
As by majority vote in Should I reopen my Constructive Cover Crit thread? :call_me_hand::balance_scale: I have reopened!

  • There will be more improved detail in feedback
  • Clearer “Free Game” section in the 1st post below

Constructive Criticism Thread for your Story Cover! :yay:

I have seen a lot of individual “feedback on my cover” threads and they don’t get a lot of attention.

This thread is solely for:

  • Posting your PUBLISHED Episode Story Covers for FEEDBACK using the :sparkles:Form :sparkles:
  • Positively communicating to the Critique (aka me for the time being) in feedback and questions about your work

:red_light: House Rules!

  • Guys remember this is a simple OPINIONATED FEEDBACK thread. No advise or concerns given stand true for everyone in this community, I am solely giving you advice on what I have seen in opinion threads.

  • No off-topic talk or hate of any kind

  • No form, No feedback. why? This is so that everyone has a fair way of presenting their cover without bias! And it’s easier to write :kissing:

    • And btw it’s also technical story promotion at the same time
  • Lastly, have faith! I may not be Picasso but a story’s success also depends on its content ,
    -covers attract readers, content inside KEEPS readers.

—Depending on the success of this thread, I might find more ppl to help me give feedback in the future

MOST IMPORTANTLY: YOU DO NOT NEED TO IMMEDIATELY CHANGE YOUR WHOLE COVER UPON FEEDBACK. :red_light: -I myself have created my own cover over months, and it still requires improvement, I *know* covers are a lot of work. This feedback gives you an idea on what ppl like me may think of your cover or perhaps what you could change/improve if you decide to have a cover refresh in the future.
✨ Le Form ✨

Name of story:

  • Insert Cover Picture here (Bearing in mind your story must be published, this means that someone may find your story here and want to read it!)
    Any specific worry you have about ur cover (like “oh is the eyeball too big? Is my cover low quality/blurry?) etc.

And remember:

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-I have also decided to add some “Free game”: really helpful things for covers that are free :two_hearts::

For things to make covers: -ibis paint X I’ve heard, -I use Adobe Fresco
PM me any others

To remove backgrounds for your characters, images (and overlays): Remove.bg

For fonts: I LOVE FontSpace, there’s also 1001 FreeFonts

-For Splashes and overlays: Canva.com and Pixlr.com

Royalty free images: Unsplash, Pixabay, pexels, and many more you should search

PNG for overlays: pngtree, freepngs, rawpixel, and many more for you to look up

PM ME MORE :angry:


Good luck!

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