Reopening my Co-writer search!

Hello everyone!
I’m reopening my hunt for a co-writer! I had four originally but sadly a two of them had to forfeit their role due to a number of reasons! This also means that I will be reconsidering all of the other people that applied the first round.
My story is called Artemis Rising! The plot will be put down below!

Artemis Rising Plot

The story is about a twenty two year old my the name of Artemis Blackherm. She as adopted into the Blackherm family a year after she was found roaming the streets aimlessly in a ballgown and with no clue where she was and what her name was. Her social worker named her Artemis, because the night that Artemis had appeared, the moon had turned a crimson red, a phenomenon that no one could explain, even years after the fact. Artemis was always the black sheep, always found far away from the crowd. She tried her best to fit in, but no matter how hard she tried she didn’t feel like this world had a place for her. After years of trying to fit in, she decides that enough is enough and she should just be herself. Her adoptive father didn’t enjoy it very much, needless to say. As some form of fear that Artemis would stray too far from the Blackherm business, he arranges an engagement between her and a man by the name of Ethan that she knew from high school, who’s dad owns another large business. Ethan’s a good guy, however both of them saw each other as nothing more than friends. One day, on a full moon, Artemis comes home to a man passed out in front of her apartment building. She felt almost an immediate attraction with this mystery man, almost like she had recognized him from somewhere before. She brings him in and nurses him to health over the next few days, and then he wakes up, calling her by the name of Adossia and telling her that they need her gravely. When she get’s confused, he tells her about her past life.
His name was Theowith, and he was sent to bring her back to her original home. You see, in her previous life, she was a princess of the kingdom of Edonia, Princess Adossa, to be clear. They’re kingdom had been betrayed by King Naelus of the kingdom of Daewryth, and King Naelus had killed Artemis’/Adossia’s uncle, king Lyces on the night that they had announced their treaty. Adossia/Artemis is the rightful heir to the throne, and the only one who can properly defeat King Naelus and restore the kingdom of Edonia to it’s former glory, which is why madam Nethilia, a prophet of the magic god of Edonia, sent Adossia to earth to keep the bloodline safe until the time had come when she was able to reclaim the throne of Edonia and take down king Naelus once and for all. Artemis/Adossia has to make a series of tough decisions throughout the story and eventually she finds romance with Theo. or… who she thinks to be Theo. I’ll share more details if you get accepted as a cowriter!
omg I didn’t realize how long that was :sweat_smile: props to you for getting all the way through!

If you are interested then please fill in the form linked below!
If you end up filling in the form please comment and let me know so that I can read it asap, thank you!

I mentioned this in the form but in case you don’t read it, I’ll be accepting the applications until February 16th! I’ll take a day to consider you all individually (meaning that I will look over your strengths and weaknesses when writing as well as a few other factors) and then I will contact all of those that are accepted on February 17th by 5pm Eastern Standard Time
Thanks all!
Stay good people :two_hearts: :pray:

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@Quoriota, Am I still a co-writer? (:

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Yes you are! sorry I just lost two other co-writers! I should have made that clear, my apologies!
@catgirlepi is a co-writer as well!