Repeating stories

Has anyone else episode stories start from the beginning even after you already read them? This is the 4th time it’s happened to me in 2-3 months. Put ticket in and still nothing since last week. :tired_face:


Have you tried checking your replays?

I did this is also the 4th time it’s happened. Also it’s only doing this on my Apple products. When I play episode stories on my tablet I don’t have the problem. All my stories I’ve already read and already on like episode 10 it starts over to episode 1. Also if I start a new story it won’t save and go to episode 1 too.


i’m having the same exact problem; it started last night. i filed a support ticket earlier this morning, so hopefully they’ll get back to me soon. did you file a ticket as well?

Yes. Last week. :tired_face:

oh god. and they still haven’t responded? i’m seeing lots of threads of people having the same issue so i bet theyve got a ton of tickets to go through.

Yeah. But they replied to me saying I need to respond after I did so saying my case will close in 2 days. Ugh but I don’t want to keep sending ticket requests because that’ll just just keep pushing me further down the list ugh. So I’m trying to be patient

That’s horrible! Ever since the update it’s gotten better for android users, but apple users are now reporting new problems. Kinda ironic, but I hope it gets fixed for you soon!

Thank you. :blush:

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So has anyone had any luck on getting their episode stories fixed, Or contacted by any techs yet?