Repeating the same sound over and over


I’m trying to have the sound of a clock striking 12 so I need to have a sound play repetitively in order to do that , but I’m not sure how to script it. I’m using the sound belltoll which is too long to let play all the way through, so I only want the first 3 or 4 second of it to play before the next one starts. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Ask @Dara.Amarie




are you using the code:

sound belltoll
or are you using

music belltoll


you can just do
sound belltoll
@pause for 4

& then just do the other music (: you can’t time how long a sound is therefore you’ll have to add pauses


Right now I have it as
sound belltoll
@pause for 4
sound off
sound belltoll
@pause for 4
sound off

and so on. It gives me the warning that the sound belltoll is already playing and that I can’t add another sound off without something in between.


you need to make sure there’s a pause in between sound off & sound belltoll.


Got it, thanks


I don’t recall if belltoll is single sound or not, but if you use music belltoll it will keep repeating (looping) the bell sound until you use music stop. So you can either put a pause for the duration of how long you want the bell to ring or you can put whatever script you are using between the start and stop.


volume sound 0 0
volume music 0 0


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