Repeats same scene

Hi! So in my story I have an issue where it repeats the same part… so like my characters are at a club and then go to sleep then when they wake up they are at the club and go to sleep all over again. Is there anything wrong?

In the picture right after the closet part that’s when it repeats so after goto open closet and before @lilly exits left. Thank you! Hope this made sense.

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Maybe theres a label that you have to remove


Could I see how it’s coded for the part they go to the club and sleep please? And the part where if they choose that outfit instead of only if they don’t.

Also on line 2387, should be:
Oh “they’re” here
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The photos above are the club scenes so like the outfit picker is for the club and the choices too.

Lol glad you figured it out! Good job! :ok_hand:

Wait, you just deleted your comment midway of me responding lol are you still having issues with it?

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Ya I’m still having issues i dont know if its because I used the same template twice. It also has duplicate labels! This is also @Dara.Amarie template!

Is because of that than, you have to change labels and goto names

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What do I change it to? Anything? I’m kinda new on writing so I don’t know sorry.

Yeah, you can change it to anything you want to

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Ok! Thank you so much!

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Np :blush: hope this helps

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Am I also supposed to change the goto’s?

Yep label and goto are connected. So use the same name has the label.
Label dress
You like this?
Goto dress

Ok! Thank you. I tried it and it worked.

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