Repetition of these types of stories

Hey, so i don’t know if it’s just me but i feel like all stories are nowadays about the male protagonist being ‘dangerous’ and ‘the female character should stay away from him but can’t…’ I get that it’s related to the plot, but it’s being repeated several times, just like mafia and gang stories have. I don’t mean to hate, but it just seems too cliché/boring that literally all writers are making stories like these. Like, i mean, if the guy is not good for the girl, then what’s the point of making the character’s personality like that? I’m sure you’d want to write a successful storyline that loads of readers would relish to read. I understand that it’s the writer’s own choice to decide how the story will continue on, but in my opinion at least try to make some sense into what your writing, and it’s better to brainstorm and think about ideas relevant to the plot.

If you are into writing mafia/gang, bad boy, stories then i’d recommend bringing a change, for example, don’t make the main character bad or part of the mafia, just perhaps include a family member that has experienced a phase in a gang, and how it causes problems and issues for the two protagonists, or develop a twist to it.

However, there are so much more ideas than ‘mafia/gangs’ and ‘dangerous bad boys’. You could give a full on different personality for the characters that make them seem unique and not the same that get repetitive with lots of stories. They may have big dreams of becoming something (other than lawyer/doctor/business relation) that they have always thought about during their childhood, which may make the reader passionate about reading it and retaining to the storyline.

Right, i just wanted to get across that because it’s gets quite irritating when people write about these type of things, i don’t mean to offend anyone and i’m sorry if i do.

But thanks, if you can relate to what i’m tryna say.
Ly all :kissing_heart: :wink:


agreed 100%. if you go to the romance trending shelf all the stories are literally the same and revolve around the same character tropes. it’s getting super dry and exhausting because finding gems with good plots is super challenging. i actually ended up deleting the app bc it was taking up sm storage for what :smile:


I 100% agree. I feel this plot is really unoriginal and doesn’t even interest me personally in the slightest.


Exactly, its based on the same plot but with different characters.

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Thats why i don’t bother clicking on any of them, its just a waste of time.



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It’s getting exhausting. No hate to any authors, but I’m quite tired of the generic mafia/bad boy stories, where the LI is an asshole who’s so sexy that MC can’t resist and the MC has no personality besides the fact that she’s “nice,” beautiful, and good at everything so LI was drawn to her.

Again, no offense but this is why I tend to avoid the romance and drama shelves.


I just recently finished a story where YOU were actually the bad person, it didn’t involve mafia, it was about a girl who got her dream job and started getting dangerously obsessed with her boss, and it was the first ever story I read where you actually work their notices and she crosses the line and in the end it’s a complete mess and he hates her

Just thought I’d share that because it was the first ever story where I played as the bad person


Can you drop the title? I’d love to read it.

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It’s called “Homewrecker”

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I’m currently in the process of writing a mafia story with a twist. I know we’ve seen these tropes being rewritten over and over again, but I think that I’m bring a fresh, exciting perspective on mafia.

I’m actually releasing the first few chapters on February 15th 2021 12pm EST :shushing_face:

Just for the few that are a bit interested, I’m simply just leave my description below :arrow_heading_down:

Description: Born to the man who never wanted her, she struggles to be molded into her father’s image. As well as being forced onto the throne among the most heartless people imaginable.

I really hope that you’ll actually give me & my story a chance, I think it’s worth a shot (I put alot of time to sit and think about how the direction of the story should progress.)

Thanks for reading! :blob_hearts:
-Kayla :heart:


Totally Agree that is why every time I write my stories I try to make sure the MC is very Strong and not just some girl next door, in fact because of this in my second story I’m purposely taking Mafia theme and My MC being a badass, while the LI being Calm and Collected, hopefully it goes in the right Direction :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: .
But my first story was more about family and like a light Rom/Com.


Yep i feel you, writers mostly just try to get more reads, instead of writing something from their heart. If you genuinely like writing stories, create something new and different, which would attract readers more.


No, that’s totally fine, and the plot sounds interesting. I’m just tryna say that the same ideas get repeated several times, which causes most people to not choose to read em.

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I wish you good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good luck! :innocent:
I’d read it, as long as the main idea isn’t mafia, and would involve different aspects to it, but break a leg! :star_struck:


Thanks Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: :heart: .


Personally, I’ve never ready any mafia stories because of this stereotype… I automatically assume it’s going to involve some tough guy, his family involved in shady business, but for some reason he just can’t get this girl out of his head! Maybe she’s quiet and learns her voice, or she’s always been loud and outspoken, but let’s be real. 85% (and I’m being generous) could be the same story.
But hey, I guess we could for arguments sake say all mysteries are similar, too. But mafia stories… Just not my thing :joy:


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